Drinking Set No. 98 - Palais With Simple Cut Facettes

Ludwig Lobmeyr, 1870  

The shape of this service reflects the era in which it was created, an age concerned with the revival of historic styles. This series from the year 1870 was designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr. As the "grand seigneur" of the art of glassmaking he furnished many elegant homes with it.

Leadfree crystal, handcut and handpolished 

1. Wine glass I. : D 3" x H 5.9"
2. Champagner flute: D 3.3" x H 7.8"
3. Water tumbler: D 3" x H 3.8"
Champagner tumbler:  D 2.2" x H 3.9"
Goblet: D 3.2" x H 6.7"
Beer glass on stem: D 2.8" x H 6.4"
Water pitcher:  D 4.7" x H 8.9"
Wine decanter with stopper: D 5.5" x H 13.2"

 lead time up to 3 weeks