Basket Chandelier

D    Marco Dessi, 2010
M    Lobmeyr

The starting point for Dessí’s design was the reproduction of an early baroque glass-arm-chandelier from Schloss Hof palace which is a classic Lobmeyr model today. Marco Dessí approached the project to not only reinvent the use of those glass-arms, but drew upon the vast variety of different types of chandeliers to carry over this technique to a totally new application. Inspired by the shape of traditional lanterns, he was weaving a basket-like structure using hexagonally bent glass tubes in combination with silken cords.
The silken ropes leave room to create bespoke variants to match the ambience of the perspective room. 


D 15.5" x H 27.5" 

D 20.5" x H 35.5"

Brass, Glass, Silk cords

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$15,670.00 - $27,443.00