Bubble Chandelier Series

D     Pelle , 2008              
M    Pelle


Bubble Chandeliers are a line of delicate and airy compositions of luminous glass globe clusters. Starting with the Original Bubble Chandelier designed in 2008, the series has developed into a collection of distinctive lights that artfully combines PELLE’s signature material palette of cotton and leather cording with blown-glass globes.
Every Bubble Chandelier model can be customized with 12k or 24k Gold finish. The Gold Leaf is expertly hand-painted onto the surface of each glass globe. Variations in composition and coverage will occur throughout the light fixture. Price on request.

Diam. 18" x H 22"
Diam. 22" x H 24"
Diam. 26" x H 25"
Diam. 29" x H 28"
Diam. 36" x H 29"

Metal / Glass / Cotton or Leather

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$2,100.00 - $8,600.00