D Flip Sellin / Martin Zeyen / Ulrich Merz / Daniel Wahl
Coordination Berlin


CRNKL! is not a designer lampshade in classical terms, but aims to animate you as the future owner to become part of the design process. A scarf-sized piece of recyclable spun-bound p.p. fabric is fitted with a grid of 36 small round magnets. These allow the draping of the lampshade around every existing luminaire in whatever way you chose with a charming click! The only requirement is the use of bulbs with low heat emission. The rather cold light of energy saving lightbulbs is transformed into a warm, soft glow through the lampshade’s fabric.

Like in every network, it is also possible to connect multiple CRNKL!s together to form a new, large object. Long tubular lights can thus be used for illumination just as well as LED fixtures – on their own or combined in larger groups. CRNKL! works without any wiring or fixture of its own and comes packaged in a A4 sized flat box

 W 41.7" x D 21.7"