D Dekappa                   
M Dekappa


Inspired by snow poles, "L01" is an elegant, puristic light that catches the eye with its originality and customization in terms of color and material. The light can be positioned at an angle or straight. Thanks to its sophisticated base, the lamp can be used either as direct, indirect or guiding light. The concrete base acts as the lamp’s stabilising weight element. The lamp can be moved as easily as a curling stone and brings pleasant light to each room due to the latest LED technology.
bar - made from massive wood.
lamp stand - base made of concrete with wooden plate and felt glider. The wooden plate is made from the same wood as the bar.
cable - textile cable comes regular in anthracite color. Other colors on request.

surface: varnished or stained & varnished.
varnish: customizable on RAL colored scale.
concrete colors: natural colored concrete, sandblasted. Surface fine or rough.
wood: deliverable in massive beech, oak or nut. Other woods on demand.

H 74.8" x D 13.78"