Dornstab Floor

D     J.T. Kalmar and A. Pöll                 

M    Kalmar Werkstaetten


This freestanding luminaire from 1947 exemplifies Wiener Werkbund criteria. By threading the saber-shaped stand through the lamp shade, designers J.T. Kalmar and A. Pöll melded form as well as function - the stand allows the lamp shade to be positioned at three different, reader - friendly heights. The hardwood stand and handle may be left in a natural state with a protective oil or wax coating. The base reflects the lightness of the floor lamp as a whole; all metal parts can be finished in black bronze, matt black lacquer or polished brass. 

Ø lampshade 18.5"
H 59"

Ø lampshade 20.5"
H 72"

$3,704.00 - $5,177.00