AGILIS modular system

D    Rainer Bachschmid
M   Artisan

Agilis is a shelf system with variable heights and variable widths of the compartments. Artisan uses solid wood from renewable resources in their production, only environmentally-friendly materials for treatment, natural oils and wax that emphasize the luxurious and organic beauty of wood texture and that enable it to "breathe" naturally. This emphasizes the natural color diversity, while the use of harmful chemical substances for wood treatment is avoided by using vinyl-based glue.
Pure nature, transformed and formed into one of the most honest designs.

frame O/U/H
L 63.0" / 78.7"/ 94.5" x D 18.5" x  H 18.1" - 

wood finishes: maple, elm, cherry, pear, oak, european walnut

various color options

Download Datasheet


$1,125.00 - $12,554.50