D     Philipp Mainzer, 2006           
M     E15


The BA12 MINATO element is a wall-mounted adaptation of the SB06 SHAHNAZ sideboard. BA12 MINATO comes with a waxed surface and is, optionally, available with recesses to accommodate piping fixtures. The BA12 MINATO has a massive, 20 mm body density. This visual buoyancy is achieved by way of its intricate construction. The door interiors are equipped with engraved notches that lessen the tension on the wooden elements. Integrated aluminum bars then secure stability. A chamfered edge along the interior of the upper door serves as an elegant handle. For gentle closure of the doors the BA12 MINATO is fitted with a special hardware. This sideboard easily combines with other BA12 MINATO elements or with the BA13 MEGURO sideboard. The BA12 MINATO comes with a standard floor shelf.

L 35,5" x D 17.8" x H 17,8"