Loenneberga Stacking Bed

D   Alexander Seifried, 2006/2007
M  Richard Lampert

 One for All Staple beds? In small rooms for kids or guests! A couch during the day, a bed for one at night. And when a school friend or guest comes for the night, lift one up and put it next to the other. A true quality double or two single beds. Real comforts with full flexibility. Later, the Staple bed for the kids become the all round furniture for the apprentice or the student. Saving space for one. Two full quality beds for two. Same applies for guest rooms. The beds next to each other fit perfectly. No gap. Space saving. Cool clours. Black, white or red. Also available with a storage box.

H one bed: 11.8"
H two beds: 19.3"

W 35.4" x L 83.1" 

MDF, plywood, maritime pine, solid oak 

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$1,582.00 - $5,278.00

Tags: Bed, Sleeping