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Walden - Or a Life in the Woods

by Pia Kirchler | June 11, 2016

"Walden - Or, Life in the woods" Or "Our lifes and our relationship with nature" 

                                                            For Sam

the concept of a simple life influenced the garden-project from , which invites one to live outdoors. Determined garden-owners are able to store various tools such as shovel, rake and wheelbarrow in this ‘wooden box’ of unusual proportions. Easy goers have to decide whether to take a seat at the table in the seating cabin, or climb a ladder to the upper level. There it’s possible to enjoy the view or to stretch out and guess cloud shapes or count stars under the sliding sun roof. A campfire can be created in a swinging fire cauldron, and right beside it, is the space for firewood. As a whole, ‘Walden’ offers lots of room for things we associate with ‘garden’ and ‘outdoors’ and honours them with a layout, in which they can be seen. 





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made 100% from oak barrels

by Pia Kirchler | June 10, 2016

After 200 years in the forest the best oaks are chosen and used for barrel production. They are filled and refilled with wine four times. Magnus Mewes uses this 204 year old material, rich in quality, history and taste to create his special barrique chairs, barstools and tables.
The classic oak chairs "Barrique Limited" consists of 100% regained barriques (225-liter drums). The Furniture line comes into life without using or adding new material, just by editing and re-imaging an discarded one

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by Pia Kirchler | June 09, 2016

A metal sheet, mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall provides an endless variety of possibilities: boxes with a magnetic back stick on it in any position. 

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