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by Anna Trubrig | July 19, 2017

Young@Heart is made for the love of handmade & hand painted porcelain designs for the everyday use, for fun mixes, versatility and practicality... The cup and saucer is made for tea, coffee and a strong espresso. It’s stackable! Multiple plates, cups, bowls and trays complete our new Collection. Use the versatile bowls for soup, salad, cereal, dips, sushi or more...use the trays to serve starters and sides... create a fun breakfast, lunch and dinner table setting! Play with the colors, mix and create your own fun & young personal combinations... 


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Neva Chair

by Anna Trubrig | July 18, 2017

The character of the NEVA collection comes from fluid, wave-like forms and soft transitions. Such organic forms have long been reserved for artisans producing one-off artistic pieces. Today’s technologies have made it possible for more complex forms to be introduced into production, and in the spirit of Artisan, the production of the Neva collection is an elegant dance of modern technology and artisanal handcraft. The result is an elegant collection of commercial grade furniture.

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Tie Break

by Anna Trubrig | July 17, 2017

on the occasion of Wimbeldon and Summer and Pools, a repost 

the Tie Break

Simple lines and an intriguing mix of materials make this outdoor armchair a very special piece of design. This slightly oversized piece of garden furniture combines tennis netting, safety belts and flat-rolled steel in a very unconventional way.

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