TAKAHASHI - a homage to Japanese culture

by Pia Kirchler | October 03, 2016

TAKAHASHI builds a bridge between extremes. Its confident presence radiates an emphatic tranquility. Designed as a homage to the aesthetic and the craftsmanship of Japanese culture, lounge chair and ottoman crafted from solid ash wood cultivate quality with regards to form and function.
TAKAHASHI’S appearance is impressive and it generously provides plenty of space to unfurl or comfortably retreat. Once seated, you are framed by trapezoidal side wings which are stuck through the seat plate and serve as front legs. The skillful use of materials is exemplary for the Japanese craftsmanship and can be re-discovered in every detail of TAKAHASHI. The overriding concept is also reflected in the v-shaped rear legs which are reminiscent of Japanese Geta shoes.