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Workspace: Encourage Recreation

by Pia Kirchler | October 05, 2016

Research shows, the most innovative forms of collaboration occur in informal settings. We continue our Workspace Series with a focus on lounge space. The workspace of today values an informal environment; a place to shed expectations, spark social interaction and stimulate effective idea exchange.

Let go of formalities, encourage comfort, foster innovation (in that order).

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Collaboration Workspace: Meeting

by Pia Kirchler | October 04, 2016

The office is one of the few remaining tangible resources available to today’s workforce. But to what purpose does our office still exist? Cubicle farms are yesterways; The work place of tomorrow is here and the writing on the wall spells C-O-L-L-A-B-O-R-A-T-I-O-N. With the option to work anytime, anywhere, our workspace needs to encourage occupancy and the furniture should supplement the effort.
Enter Stillfried for Workspace: Meeting Spaces. Contract grade furniture to encourage collaboration // Custom size solid wood tables as large as needed // Data integration and wire management customized to the needs of the space // The beauty and reliability of solid wood // These tables could outlive your company, but we hope that is not the case…  

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