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Adventcalendar #3

by Anna Trubrig | December 03, 2016

#3 Duster and Crumbler by
Christmas time is cookie time and cookie time is crumble time! ⠀⠀
GOODGOODS connects designers with people with disabilities to create sustainable everyday products in high quality and design. In Dialogue with the workshops, the designers develop products and workflows, which fit the skills of people behind the manufacturing process. The final result:#new and lasting #design for home and living, with a charitable idea in mind. We <3 the good and goodgoods.⠀⠀

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From the Austrian Alps to the US: Schmidinger Design

by Pia Kirchler | November 10, 2016

From the Austrian Alps to the US: Schmidinger Design ... Originated from a century old tradition of woodwork and furniture making in the Austrian Alps, Wolfgang Schmidinger has grown his three generation old family business to a full on operation with a reputation beyond borders. MIT, Steven Holl, and Princeton are all fans, and we are too. With a special interest in collaborating with other designers and manufacturers, Schmidinger offers strong contemporary design grounded in traditional construction, supplemented with the latest technology. Everything you’d expect from the best in European craftsmanship.

Schmidinger Collection


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